Electric tightening systems with automatic shut-off

Solutions with torque control through automatic shut-off

Electric screwdrivers, nutrunner motors and all automation solutions are equipped with a tightening torque control system that automatically shuts off the power supply when the torque is reached, and this done by a latest generation mechanical clutch.

This system ensures very high repeatability, which means a very low Mean Shift value even when the elasticity of the joint is variable. It maintains values unchanged over millions of cycles, ensuring a high quality standard that remains constant over time.

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Straight electric screwdrivers

With all the comforts to limit any kind of fatigue and maximise productivity. They are the only ones on the market with 4 types of start-up, which can be set quickly and efficiently without changing the mechanical configuration.

Angle electric screwdrivers

Suitable for the motor and household appliance sectors, where tightening must be done in small, hard-to-reach spaces, such as against walls or near profiles and shaped sections. They offer 30° or 90° compact heads to reach awkward tightening sites. Angle models available with start lever only.

Pistol electric screwdrivers

A straight electric screwdriver is also versatile when the operational layout changes: in fact, if the tightening points are on a vertical wall, it can transform into a pistol electric screwdriver to make the tightening operation perfectly ergonomic. The pistol grip – available on request results in an extremely balanced new grip that is also suitable where hanging systems are not an option and where particular thrust is not required along the tightening axis.

Electric screwdrivers with external clutch adjustment

When dealing with the need to swap often between the components to be assembled and relevant screws, electric screwdrivers with external clutch adjustment are essential for allowing you to quickly and repeatedly adjust tightening torque without having to get inside the screwdriver. The ring is numbered for simple and immediate adjustment. The models are straight and only available with a start lever.

Straight electric screwdrivers with screw suction device

This device makes the tool’s hold on the screws and their positioning easier and more secure and can be fitted on all straight electric screwdrivers and on eTensil electric nutrunner motors. It offers pick and place operation to speed up production processes.

Electric nutrunner motors 

They have all the features that distinguish the eTensil range, which are: latest generation brushless electric motor, modular construction for safe maintenance management, built-in electronics and torque control system with automatic shut off.

CA electric screwdrivers with automatic screw feed

Increase productivity by eliminating the manual steps of picking screws and positioning them on the bit or workpiece, thereby helping to reduce cycle times by over 30%.

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MCA electric tightening modules

With eTensil nutrunner motors are Plug and Play solutions, ready and tested for integration into existing production solutions. These tightening systems are able to increase production capacity and tightening process quality, and therefore also end product quality.

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MCA electric tightening modules for COBOTs

Pair with all collaborative robots on the market. Small Cobots are increasingly found in production lines because: they automate repetitive actions, they can be quickly reprogrammed and used for different applications and they increase production capacity, quality of tightening processes and hence of the resulting end products.

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Power supply

The TPU power supply unit works in perfect synergy with electric screwdrivers and nutrunner motors. In addition to having a functional design, the power supply is fitted with a power and control system designed and industrialised by Fiam to offer synchronised, efficient tightening management.

Monitoring unit

TPU M1 monitoring unit represents a great innovation able to monitoring and managing all tools functionalities. This sophisticated instrument that not only provides the tools with the correct power supply, but also features a large number of very useful functions that can be programmed quickly, easily and intuitively.

Connection cable

The 3m-long cable comes with the electric screwdriver/electric  nutrunner motor, though it can also be ordered separately and joined to the cable provided to achieve greater lengths. It has a standard length of 3 metres (which can be increased by combining multiple cables) and is extremely robust.


Pistol and auxiliary grip, 90° right angle fitting, multiple connector for I/O, cartesian and telescopic arms, production cycle monitoring systems,  tightening systems with guided positioning, supporting structures and hoppers.