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Dual Training: a gateway to the job world

Dual training is an innovative teaching model introduced by the Italian Law in 2003 and only recently established as a learning method under the programme known as “La Buona Scuola”. Among the activities included in its deployment plan, besides the participation in guided field trips at local firms, some of which hosted by our Company, dual training contemplates a phase of field experience.

Addressed to high school students, it aims at consolidating the knowledge acquired at school, as well as testing their skills, enriching their training experience and directing their studies in view of their future job placement.

In a job market, where the news are continuously reporting the issue of young people looking for better opportunities abroad and, on the other hand, the difficulty that companies meet in finding qualified staff, we consider important to contribute to this project, which helps future generations in being competitive in the job world.

For this reason our Company was chosen as a partner for the implementation of dual training projects.

Fiam confirms its commitment to education

Dual training is compulsory for students, while companies can join the projects on a voluntary basis. “Fiam has promptly joined the initiative and considers it useful in order to enhance the students’ success in their education” – explains Luigi Bacchetta, CEO of Fiam. “Last year we hosted an intern attending the course for Electric Operator at ENGIM professional training centre in Vicenza. After the positive experience – continues Bacchetta – we have agreed to extend the agreement with the same student for 8 more weeks, by making our resources and skills available”.

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