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Plumbing and heating

Plumbing and heating
  • Solution 01/63

    Semiautomatic assembly of gas valves on heaters burners

  • Solution 02/34

    Pellet automatic line

  • Solution 03/31

    Screwing/unscrewing of industrial valves

  • Solution 04/30

    Fixing the number of large, heat exchangers heads

  • Solution 05/21

    Automatic nuts feeding system

  • Solution 06/11

    Automatic screwing lids on bodies of radiators

  • Solution 07/10

    Assembling of the closing flanges of industrial heat exchangers

  • Solution 08/8

    Automatic assembly of flanges on expansion tanks and and final quality control

  • Solution 09/7

    Assembling of flanges on expansion vessels

  • Solution 10/3

    Assembling of valves for industrial air conditioning systems

  • Solution 11/100

    Fasten automatically of injectors on gas diffusers for hobs

  • Solution 12/107

    Tightening symmetric and asymmetric tud bolt on components for submerged pumps