Customised solutions


  • Solution 01/24

    The “oil load control system” of industrial vehicle engines by unscrewing the cap and riavvitatura

  • Solution 02/20

    Detect and verify the resistant torque of the drive unit during the preload cycle of the bearings

  • Solution 03/19

    Air multiple distances for fixing crowns motorcycles variables

  • Solution 04/95

    Pick&place automatic system for fastening of M5x4 grubs

  • Solution 05/94

    Autofeed tightening for different types of stud bolt

  • Solution 06/79

    Semi-automatic assembly of various type of headlights

  • Solution 07/74

    Tightening of the piston of the ” vacuum brake” device

  • Solution 08/73

    Semi-automatic assembly of a component of industrial motor vehicles power brakes

  • Solution 09/64

    Semiautomatic assembly of LED rear lights

  • Solution 10/46

    Tightening of speakers on plastic mounts fitted on vehicle doors

  • Solution 11/41

    Assembling the supporting cross-member of the exchange of industrial vehicles

  • Solution 12/39

    Tightening brackets on fuel tanks

  • Solution 13/28

    Automatic assembly of car alarm sirens

  • Solution 14/25

    Fastening special hanger bolts of grille plastic grille of the front of motor vehicles

  • Solution 15/102

    Fasten sensors on aluminum ramps for cooling circuits of air conditioning systems

  • Solution 16/105

    Fasten automatically threaded cap and pins on underside carter of internal combustion engines

  • Solution 17/104

    Fasten automatically bush and studs on the oil pan of internal combustion engines