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Household appliances

Household appliances
  • Solution 01/17

    Air multi-spindle fastening system to tighten motor stator for refrigerator compressor

  • Solution 02/112

    Assembly of boilers components

  • Solution 03/15

    Air horizontal multiple for fixing brackets of washing machines with the torque monitoring

  • Solution 04/14

    Vertical air multiple for mounting counterweights of washing machines with the torque monitoring

  • Solution 05/114

    Assembly of components for refrigerators with double thread screws

  • Solution 06/13

    Air multiple for fixing brackets of washing machine baskets

  • Solution 07/115

    Automatic assembly of plastic handles on gas cylinders

  • Solution 08/12

    Automatic assembly for household appliances

  • Solution 09/5

    Automatic fastening of hinge mounts on oven muffle

  • Solution 10/4

    Assembling of valves for coffee machines

  • Solution 11/2

    Automatic door assembly of dryers

  • Solution 12/44

    Automatic assembly of filling plug for submersible motors

  • Solution 13/18

    Multiple electric motor for fastening the stator to the compressor of refrigerators

  • Solution 14/67

    Automatic assembly of valves on gas ramps of various sizes

  • Solution 15/66

    Tightening of washing machine drums

  • Solution 16/60

    Automatic assembly of component on electric motors for household appliances

  • Solution 17/50

    Semi-automatic assembly of electrical components kitchen graters

  • Solution 18/49

    Automatic assembly of support hinges for refrigerator and freezer door

  • Solution 19/29

    Automatic assembly of thermostats on heating element housings in small household appliance

  • Solution 20/26

    Automatic screwing of the connecting rod heads of refrigeration compressors

  • Solution 21/23

    Coil mounting on the refrigerator compressor body

  • Solution 22/22

    Fixing hinge reinforcement of cockpit doors freezers

  • Solution 23/109

    Fasten automatically dishwasherdoors

  • Solution 24/16

    Multiple pneumatic 2 spindles for mounting taps ramp hob