Customised solutions

Electrical industry, electronics

Electrical industry, electronics
  • Solution 01/111

    Semi-automatic assembly of condenser batteries for power factor-correction systems

  • Solution 02/58

    Automatic tightening to fasten special screws on copper electrical components

  • Solution 03/54

    Self-feeding tightening of grub screws for electrotechnical components field

  • Solution 04/51

    Semi-automatic assembly of nuts and screws on electric components

  • Solution 05/45

    Automatic screwing with washers interposed on motor housings

  • Solution 06/38

    Assembly of electronic boards on plastic brackets for antennas with monitoring of the tightening cycle

  • Solution 07/6

    Screwing and unscrewing the terminals of electrical safety switches

  • Solution 08/40

    Screwing multiple to 4 fused to variable distance of industrial electric motors

  • Solution 09/68

    Automatic tightening of residual current circuit breakers