Assistance, installation and maintenance

We are problem solvers. Always at your side

If you choose Fiam, you can profit from the full pre- and post-sales service we offer, directly from us and our extensive network of distributors distributed over Italy and around the world.

  • We install the solutions and put them into operation directly at your production site → Short start-up times, optimized location, immediate verification of operation/quality/maintenance and operator safety aspects
  • Fast and expert technical assistance at your production site to ensure production continuity
  • Replacement product supply services
  • Repair services that are guaranteed, prompt and at regulated prices
  • We help you plan maintenance work, or you can let us do it → To have productions systems that are always reliable over time
  • Original spare parts are ready for delivery worldwide→ To accelerate servicing/repair times
  • We can scrap your obsolete tools → save on disposal costs and keep all your tools up to date
  • Tool setup and calibration services for equipment that is always compliant

General Sales Conditions

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