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Assemble different components on different torque with a single solution? With Fiam it’s possible

In this article we will describe the case we solved in a company, leader in cutting equipment solutions, specifically in cutting tools equipped with electric motorization.

The demand of the customer was to dispose of 16 different tightening programs and therefore to have a versatile solution in case of change of the assembling components, with different tightening torque.

For the occasion, we have interviewed Mr. Cataldo Scrimieri, senior Sales Engineer in Fiam, specialist in Technical Assistance Service.

Mr. Scrimieri, which was the demand of the customer?

“Our customer for the moment has to assemble 2 shafts equipped with 2 locking heads, through the tightening of 16 screws (4 for each head). The shafts are previously processed in a pressing station and in the following tightening stage all the 16 screws have to be tightened at a torque of approximately 12 Nm.

In view of the possible future developments of their products, the customer has requested to dispose immediately of 16 different tightening programs in order to be able to tighten new components that will have different torques.”

What was Fiam’s answer?

“After having evaluated all technical data and specific requirement, together with the team of design engineers and technicians, I’ve recommended an auto feed tightening system MCA installed in a production line, also automatic. The system includes:

  • DC transducerized electronic nutrunner motor with torque and angle control installed in a dual stroke fastening slide moved by an electric axis X-Y
  • driver that feeds the motor and supplies correct feed parameters
  • control unit that ensures a complete monitoring of the tightening cycle for the current and all the different future components to process
  • screw feeder with related hopper, to ensure a high working autonomy
  • air-electric system and PLC, for the control of the whole tightening cycle.”

Can you please sum up the main benefits obtained?

“In particular, continues Mister Scrimieri, the solution has responded to the needs of versatility: with a single tightening solution in fact it will be possible in the future to process several and new components, even with different torque, in order to ensure a fast return on the investment.

Another fundamental factor is a high productive cycle that has involved a remarkable fall in production time: in fact, apart the automatic sending of each screw to the tightening point, I also obtain an automatic assembly of many screws on a unique component.”

“Finally, we shall not forget, concludes Mr. Scrimieri, that the auto feed tightening system MCA, thanks to the use of high technology electric nutrunner motors, ensures a great precision and tightening accuracy, which results in a continuous and constant control of all the assembly operations and in a high quality of the final product.”

According to you, what has mostly satisfied the customer regarding this order?

“Apart from the technical solution realized, which has been compliant to the expressed need, I believe that the most appreciated factor by the customer was the personalized technical approach as well as the answer timing: our team worked in perfect synergy in order to allow the customer to get his new production line started on schedule.”

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