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An unmissable training opportunity for the manufacturing industry at Fiam

Developing the industrial assembly station for Industry 4.0 environment” is the title of the new seminar to be held by Fiam at its premises in Vicenza on 5 December.

The seminar, sponsored by the Veneto Region, is part of the planned activities for business internationalisation and aims to offer industrial partners knowledge and experience on themes associated with the concept of Industry 4.0 within the framework of strategies for competitive development in globalised environments.

Industry 4.0 is a sphere towards which businesses are gravitating more and more to enjoy the undeniable advantages of a Smart Factory in which technology becomes an enabling factor for creating a manufacturing system that is interconnected, more intelligent and that ensures higher performance by means of improved man-machine interaction.

The seminar is therefore a training occasion that just should not be missed for production companies wishing to improve their assembly processes to achieve enhanced productivity and competitiveness by using strategies that involve the adequate design of flexible production systems, the study of machine tending logics and the provision of tightening stations with a view towards the use of new robot technologies.

Speakers taking part in the seminar will be Maurizio Faccio, Professor of Mechanical Systems and Industrial Plant Management and Giulio Rosati, Professor of Mechanics Applied to Machinery and Industrial Robotics, both from the University of Padova.  There will of course be question and answer sessions as well as practical workshops with collaborative robots to accompany the teaching activities.

Moderator of works will be Filippo Astone, Director of the magazine “Industria Italiana” and radio presenter of “Fabbrica 2.4”, Radio 24-Il Sole 24 Ore.

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