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Air Motors driven hose reel

One of the iconic ultimate vehicles, ensuring safety in all cities around the world, is certainly the fire truck. We all know that the sound of the siren indicates the transit of the unmistakable red-coloured vehicle, ready to rescue us in case of emergency.

However, a feature that perhaps few will know is that very often inside them there is an air motor, as a component that ensures the correct and rapid use for the hose reel to rewind the water pipe.

Inside this vehicle, as well as in other transportation systems, there may in fact be Hose Reel systems, which allow the hose to be kept coiled when necessary, carrying out the unwinding and rewinding operations in an agile manner.

Among the first advantages that can be highlighted we can certainly emphasize safety, given the fact that the air motor requires the use of compressed air and not electricity, the latter causing further danger where fires are already present.

Easy to install to run the hose reel, the air motor can be stalled without any damages and can be reversible.

The air motor requires low service and maintenance.
Greater safety is guaranteed by their use also in situations where flammable substances are present dispensed from the tubes themselves – fuels, gas etc… – where ATEX certification will also be mandatory required, which characterizes the Fiam motor used in these contexts.

In addition to the safety aspect, a second benefit is given by the possibility of applying a constant and controlled winding speed, a sometimes-fundamental operation that can be performed without the need to use complex and sometime expensive electrical solutions, as in the case of inverters.

It will be simple for this application to use an air flow regulator and easily take action on the regulation of the compressed air.

Not to mention a further related advantage, an optimization of resources given by the fact that very frequently on vehicles such as trucks there is already a compressor: a source of energy already present because it is useful for operating the brakes.

Air motors therefore prove to be valuable allies in this type of application as well, useful for example even for Hose Reels mounted on vehicles equipped with fuel tanks, which are needed to bring refueling to earthmoving machines that are often located in remote and hard-to-reach places such as mines or quarries.

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