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AF nutrunners with inline open offset: to effectively tighten nuts at every assembly point.

When assembling pressure circuits, it is often necessary to tighten nuts to close fluid circulation pipes; such operating situations are common, for example, when working on gas ramps in hobs, pipes for refrigerator compressors, vehicle braking systems, coffee machines, boiler ducting, etc.

Fiam AF air nutrunners adapt to these assembly situations because they have special tightening heads with a radial opening so that the fluid circulation pipe can pass inside the hexagonal coupling and easily reach the nut to tighten it effortlessly.

The robust heads on these Fiam nutrunners are the only ones on the market with different kinds of end gears to tackle any operating situation, above all without damaging the components. And nutrunners that use a through gear can also be used for untightening by turning the tool through 180° around its own axis to meet various operating requirements.

Smart operation is essential for speed: the start lever has a double working stroke to control both tightening and end gear realignment; operating the lever from its rest position to the first step realigns the end gear, while operating it fully activates the nutrunner, causing the end gear to start rotating. 

Like all Fiam tightening solutions, these nutrunners can also be combined with poka yoke monitoring systems for process verification and control.

Write to us if you would like a free technical visit directly on your production lines to try the AF solutions.

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