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Advanced ergonomic aids: never again strength to tighten

Performing numerous tightening operations within one day can lead to operators’ fatigue. Among the many responsible factors we can find:

  • the strength in supporting the tool;
  • the force used to perform the action.

A valid help in these situations is offered by ergonomic aids, which as a more obvious advantage eliminate the force in supporting the tool as well as allowing to maintain a good wrist position and perpendicularity at the working point. As for the force used to perform the action, the new Fiamcartesian BC25 PK arm with advanced assistance represents the latest frontier in innovation for increasingly ergonomic tightening stations.

This model in fact, which can be used with lever start air screwdrivers with pneumatic signal or lever start electric screwdrivers, is equipped with a special adjustable pneumatic push regulator that represents an extraordinary aid for the operator who can take advantage, during the tightening phases, of an automatic downward thrust and therefore must not use force to tighten.

This pneumatic thrust is also “double-acting”: in addition to the automatic downward movement, which is activated simultaneously with the start of the screwdriver through the lever, when the tightening is completed and so when the lever is released, the arm and the screwdriver automatically return to the rest position, ready for a new tightening.

The pneumatic thrust can vary from 3 to 9 kg and the BC25 PK arm is the only one on the market equipped with a regulator of this important functionality: through the practical device equipped with an operating pressure indicator and placed on the arm it is possible to set the force of the thrust based on the type of screw used and the junction. A great advantage for the quality of the components to be processed but above all for the safety of the operators.


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