Mehrfach-Verscraubeinheiten (Englisch Version)

.05 Mehrfach-Verscraubeinheiten (Englisch Version)

.05 Mehrfach-Verscraubeinheiten (Englisch Version)

Assembly of plastic handles on gas cylinders with 4 M8 nuts with incorporated washer with high production rate ?

The ideal solution is the multispindle tightening unit, designed and manufactured by Fiam, equipped with 4 air nutrunner motors and with automatic feeding of 4 nuts on the pick-up station.

The advantages of this solution realized for household appliance field are:

  • High productivity: cycle time of 10 seconds/piece
  • Reliability of assembly: all 4 tightenings occur simultaneously and with utmost precision (at the same torque and depth)

Ergonomic operations for operator:

  • No effort to support the multispindle tightening unit
  • Arms can rest on the two side handles and a perfect handling is granted thanks to the starting lever placed directly on handle
  • Excellent maneuverability and good visual field
  • The operator is also relieved, as there is no need to take care of picking nuts

Discover in detail the solution to solve your production need!

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