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.04 Air Motors: a Product Manager at your disposal

.04 Air Motors: a Product Manager at your disposal

I am Nicola Pellizzari, Product Manager for the Fiam air motor range.

In two years of working closely with our design engineers, laboratory technicians, sales engineers and industrialisation and prototyping managers, I have constructed my knowledge of the distinctive characteristics of air motors.

But I build up my most important training every day with you, the customers, who help me increase both my know-how and that of Fiam with your differing needs: a wealth of information and experience that I put together with my ability to organise, listen and coordinate all the company players at my side in every new project.

Having me at your side means being able to count on quick and certain answers about every stage of progress of the order entrusted to Fiam.

Contact me directly! I am at your disposal to ensure that your choices are not just functional, but also very profitable.


  • Over 1000 off-the-shelf catalogue items to choose from
  • One million machines built and operating around the globe, and more than 70 years’ experience
  • 100% designed and made in Italy
  • Solutions tested and inspected by our in-house certified laboratories
  • Use of environmentally compatible packaging, with specific packaging made to order


  • Co-engineering: Fiam can simulate the motor’s integration into the target application, without additional costs
  • Ample scope for customizing the motor, even for small runs
  • Special area for producing small runs and prototyping
  • Distributors located all over the world, which helps when it comes to managing maintenance work and getting original spare parts quickly and at controlled prices
  • Extremely flexible organizational structure to cater to different requirements: design/prototyping/customized; deliveries/customized; packaging/installation/maintenance plans, etc.
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