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.02 Collaborative robotics at the service of industrial tightening

.02 Collaborative robotics at the service of industrial tightening

To tighten with collaborative robots?

Thanks to the new Fiam tightening modules that can be perfectly matched to all COBOTS – collaborative robots – on the market.
To automate repetitive operations and to best use the skills of operators.
To increase production capacity and the quality of tightening processes.


  • Patented automatic forward bit stroke device;
  • Air or direct torque control electronic nutrunner motor;
  • Automatic EasyDriver screw feeder;
  • Modbus TCP/IP communication interface that allows a wide and fast communication of all the information on the work cycle and of the Input and Output signals exchanged from and to the Cobot controller.


If you need to track all data on the tightenings made and have a system that ensures flexibility and tightening accuracy, you can choose the DIRECT CONTROL ELECTRONIC NUTRUNNER MOTORS equipped with integrated torque transducer and resolver.

With these sophisticated systems you can:

  • manage multiple applications: they can be programmed for different assemblies with different parameters;
  • trace and process all data on the assemblies made;
  • have more control and/or monitoring modalities for torque and/or tightening angle.
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