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Electric screwdrivers with direct tightening cycle control

Solution consisting of brushless electric screwdriver with direct angle/torque control: 5 models up to 35 Nm. The screwdriver is installed on a cartesian arm and has a straight grip featuring a lever start and safety guard. Cartesian arm to be positioned on the work bench: supports the screwdriver, helps ensure that the tool is perfectly centred on the part to be assembled and results in a supremely ergonomic work station.Multifunction panel for selecting programs (4 or 8 depending on TCS-B...E), managing untightening operations and connecting connectors (pallet lock/release / led signal tower /SPS/Enable/On Off). Features 3 indicator LEDs to report OK NOK RUN, 2 memory statuses and 2 LEDs reporting output status. Cables kitof 5m-long for connecting the screwdriver to the multifunction panel and TCS-B… E unit. TCS-B15/25/50E feed and control unit.

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